The Best ROI Improvements for Your Home

The Best ROI Improvements for Your Home

  • The MacDonald Team PA
  • 05/7/23
If you are hoping to sell your home soon, there are undoubtedly many different tasks on your mind. Before you put your house on the market, you should consider what more you can do to boost your property’s value.

The MacDonald Team would like to share with you the ultimate guide to receiving the best return on investment through home improvements. These projects vary in their extensiveness and cost, but your agent can advise you as to which ones will lead to the highest profits at the closing table. Read on for their expert tips.

Minor bathroom remodel

Incorporating small-scale remodelings of your bathroom can have a significant impact on your home’s market value. There are several ways you can make easy changes without exceeding your budget. First, you can give the walls in the bathroom a fresh coat of paint and cover up any cracks that detract from the luxurious, sophisticated look. Another way you can opt for a more put-together aesthetic in your bathroom is by adding drawers and shelf organizers. In addition, you could make small replacements to modernize your bathroom, such as adding a new shower head that is more sustainable.

Major bathroom remodel

Major bathroom remodels will, of course, make your home more attractive to homebuyers, so they are a home improvement project that often leads to a strong return on investment. Serious upgrades entail larger-scale replacements. You may want to completely rejuvenate your bathroom with more modern colors and designs. Or, you could change your bathroom from a half to a full bath. Tubs with jets are very popular nowadays, so you could consider installing one, especially in the primary bathroom. In addition, make sure to have a large vanity with bright lights for optimal makeup and skincare application and to create an inviting atmosphere.

Minor kitchen remodel

Another part of the home that buyers really care about is the kitchen. Thus, even making small adjustments to your kitchen can increase your chances of getting a significant return on investment. Just as in the bathroom, you can add organizers to your kitchen to neatly sort out pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. Upgrade the lighting and the cabinet handles for a sleek, modern sense of style.

Major kitchen remodel

Major kitchen updates can be crucial in marketing your home. The main way to get buyers’ attention is to update any appliances that are simply out-of-date. Also, ensure that your plumbing is all set, and do not hesitate to replace anything that you could see a home buyer being reluctant about. Other major projects here might include upgrading the backsplash, updating the countertops to marble or granite, or replacing the flooring. If your cabinetry is really outdated, you might need to tackle a more extensive project, like tearing them out and replacing them with more modern selections that are sure to impress.

An attic-bedroom conversion

Attics are typically used as storage centers in homes. While these spaces undoubtedly have utility value, many home buyers would prefer to see all your space looking clean and being used for other functional purposes. Thus, a great idea is for sellers to convert their attic into an extra guest bedroom, a home office, or another functional space. This comes with a lot of associated costs, however, including ensuring the space has proper insulation, ventilation, and lighting. Nonetheless, if you are able to afford it, this could boost your home’s value exponentially for buyers who are seeking extra space to host their guests or build a home office.

A deck, patio, or porch addition

A major component that buyers want to see in a home is its outdoor living spaces. If you do not have a deck, patio, or porch, we strongly recommend you consider investing in one. Buyers love to envision themselves sitting outside with friends and family, hosting parties, and eating outdoors in the great weather. Consider adding a deck with a table for meals, a patio to lounge outside, or a front porch to people-watch in your neighborhood or read a book. These additions are especially crucial during the summertime and can convince buyers that your home is more suitable for them than a home without these components.

Landscaping elements

As we have mentioned, aesthetics truly do matter when you are selling your home. You should hire a landscaping company or take on the task yourself of ensuring that your home’s yard looks as picture-perfect as possible. Plant beautiful flowers, trees, and new shrubbery in your yard, mow your lawn, or even add a pool or swing set so that your home looks more appealing to families.

Replace the windows

Windows are an underestimated problem for many home sellers. Many buyers are conscious of the need for more energy-efficient windows to keep their energy costs down. Thus, before you put your home on the market, make sure that you install reliable windows if they are old or in poor condition.

Entry door replacement

Your entry door is another hidden gem that can increase your home’s value. There are several reasons why simply replacing your entry door could be a wise investment. First, you can increase your home’s curb appeal by doing so, especially if you plan on installing a more modern, intricately designed door. Also, for the same reason as replacing windows, your old door can let draft winds in. Thus, replacing the entry door could be largely beneficial for energy conservation.

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