6 Best Things to Do in Bryn Mawr, PA

6 Best Things to Do in Bryn Mawr, PA

  • The MacDonald Team PA
  • 11/15/22

As the center of the Main Line, Bryn Mawr is rich in historical value and packs a big punch in fundamental education, authentic architecture, and luxury living. Home to some of the most charming and impressive houses in this space, Bryn Mawr offers a natural beauty original to the region and a familiarity with arts and outdoor activity like no other. There is an exceptional opportunity to socialize and establish camaraderie in this neighborhood. With a variety of things to do in Bryn Mawr, these are the top opportunities to take advantage of entertainment, activities, and venues in and around town.

Academia tours

Bryn Mawr is rich with educational history and offers an excellent opportunity to visit old educational buildings that go as far back as one hundred years. This borough of the Main Line holds a historical space in education as private memberships have given women opportunities to learn in these exceptional institutions for decades. Liberal arts accomplishments and certifications previously not allowed to women remain an impressive contribution to historical progression provided in Bryn Mawr schools. This push in the academic sector alone is reason enough to spend time visiting and touring the following institutions, historical landmarks, and various highly accredited campus locations.

Some of the highlights to see include:
  • Seven Sisters: Celebrating women in higher education
  • Harriton House: A historical landmark as old as the town preserved as a living museum
  • Bryn Mawr 100: Over twenty facilities aged at least one hundred years
The Ludington Library, with recent interior design changes, was reconfigured to address resident needs with a children's wing and a reading room. Each was designed to benefit the youngest town members and offer a great way to enjoy time together with family. Over twenty-five museums are available to tour within proximity of Bryn Mawr. Museum passes are available for up to three days of touring for two adults and four or more children upon checkout.

A few museums available with this day pass:
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
  • American Helicopter Museum
  • Elmwood Park Zoo
  • National Constitution Center
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
  • Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
  • Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
  • Woodmere Art Museum

Gain access to this engaging learning opportunity in these magnificent buildings nearby. The library also hosts and sponsors activities within the town. The calendar event list represents that Ludington always offers a good time.

Live music

Throughout the year, live music events are part of the community and take place in local intimate and communal settings and on campus grounds. There are various opportunities to go out and experience live music, but there are a few unlike any other. 

Twilight Concerts

Local legends and surrounding artists come together to share their talent and musical melodies live under the Bryn Mawr Gazebo. These musical showcases are known as the town's Twilight Concerts and are held entirely outdoors, rain or shine. All ages are welcome to this alcohol and smoke-free environment happening most Saturday evenings.

The Rusty Nail

Attending live musical performances at this popular venue is another great way to get out and socialize with neighbors in the area. With a broad list of genres performing each month, this spot is excellent for snacks, adult beverages, and live tunes from local and traveling artists stopping in to share their musical genius.

Bryn Mawr Film Institute

This education and film center is The Seville Theatre, which has historical roots in the community. The theatre is one of six skillfully designed theatres that emulates the class and sophistication of the Main Line dating back to 1926. The film institute is the result of renovations within this theatre to make this historic site relevant and keep current with the times.

Opportunities for entertainment in this space:
  • Sunday Talk Cinema: View surprise pre-screenings of new films and discuss with a moderator
  • Stage on Screen: Watch live performances by world-renowned and leading vocalists, dancers, documentarians, and actors filmed for national theatre performances
  • Going Gaga: family-friendly viewing with an environment open to children and infants
  • Vintage viewing in luxury: Capture your favorites in luxury on the big screen


Several upscale boutiques and shops offer unique decor, authentic crafts, and carefully designed fabrics to visit when strolling the busiest streets of Bryn Mawr. The town holds regular markets, which allow locals to share their goods with the community and display their creativity with one-of-a-kind items.
  • Villa Bellisima: luxury home decor, eccentric gifts, and Italian ceramics
  • Framers Market: live music, fresh produce, farm-raised poultry and meats, and other home goods and other personal products
  • Clover Market: handmade products, vintage arts, and other items, music and food trucks serving authentic cuisine

Dining in town

Bryn Mawr provides authentic cuisine in a swanky upscale environment. You will find diners, eateries, and fine dining options embedded in historical buildings. Stopping in to grab a bite in this town's authentic restaurants is always a great way to pass the time.

A few town favorites:
  • Fellini Cafe Bryn Mawr
  • Fiore Rosso
  • Otto by Polpo
  • Lourdas Greek Taverna
  • Avalon Bistro
  • Pho Street
  • Veekoo
  • Xola Tacos

Get active

This area boasts abundant opportunities to venture outdoors and enjoy the sun's warmth during the spring and summer. With many parks and historical monuments, you can fill your day browsing structures and developments rich in antiquity, nature and luxury landscapes.

Team sports

Community fitness facilities and sports clubs offer classes and team sports opportunities year-round and provide indoor activity during the colder months of the year, including:
  • Bryn Mawr Running Club
  • Liberty Me Dance Center
  • Deleware Valley Tennis Academy

  • Pro Martial Arts Karate
  • Bryn Mawr Racquet Club


Golf is a favorite category of active things to do in Bryn Mawr. Pass the day in the region, and various clubs in the surrounding areas offer eighteen holes of exclusive fun in the sun on semi-challenging terrain.

Top courses in the area:
  • Overbrook Golf Club, Villanova
  • Philadelphia Country Club, Villanova
  • Radnor Valley Country Club, Villanova
  • Merion Golf Club, Ardmore
  • St. Davids Golf Club, Wayne
  • Paxon Hollow Golf Club, Media
  • Aronimink Golf Club, Newtown Square
  • Llanerch Country Club, Havertown
  • Gulph Mills Golf Club, King of Prussia
  • Waynesborough Country Club, Paoli
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